The Diamond Dogs Podcast

The Diamond Dogs Podcast

Hosted by: Jason Barnaby and Beth Rashleigh

Welcome to the Diamond Dogs Podcast with Jason Barnaby and Beth Rashleigh, where we talk about the complications and joys of being a leader and deep dive into tips and tricks from the best show on television, Ted Lasso.


Do the Rightest Thing

Season #2 Episode #3

In this episode, we chat about doing the rightest thing with our special guest Chip Neidigh. Links: Connect with Chip:  Kairos Consulting:
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Carol of the Bells

Season #2 Episode #4

In this episode we chat about the Holiday episode of Ted Lasso and chat with our special guests Karly Cope and Jeff Ton about how to be servant leaders in practice. Links Karly Cope...
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Season #2 Episode #5

In this episode, we chat about romcommunism, how to build confidence, and finding your true purpose in life and at work. Links Start with Why Amy Cuddy Ted Talk about...
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The Signal

Season #2 Episode #6

Jason and Beth chat about "The Signal" and deep dive into leading with strengths at work with JoDee Curtis.   Links Connect with JoDee on...
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Season #2 Episode #7

Jason and Beth chat about the episode Headspace including how hard it can be to finally open up to someone else, the continuing misadventures of Nate, and well delivered feedback. Links How to Start a...
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Man City

Season #2 Episode #8

Jason and Beth chat about the episode Man City and then are joined by our very special guest Carrie Skowronski to deep dive into vulnerability.  You won't want to miss...
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Beard After Hours/No Weddings and a Funeral

Season #2 Episode #9

In this very special combined episode of the show, we chat about episodes 9 and 10 and the role they play in further developing our favorite characters. Links The Feelings Wheel: Learn...
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Midnight Train to Royston

Season #2 Episode #11

Jason and Beth chat about the Midnight Train to Royston, including a conversation about scarcity vs. abundance mindset, creativity, rewarding employees and leaving well. Links Big...
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Inverting the Pyramid of Success

Season #2 Episode #12

In this episode, we chat about the season two finale "Inverting the Pyramid of Succes" and get a behind the scenes peak at leadership in the media world with Freelance Assistant Director, Billy Jones.   Links Good...
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Special Bonus Episode

Season #2 Episode #13

In this special bonus episode, we chat more with Freelance Assistant Director, Billy Jones and learn all about the jobs in film and media. Links Good Samaritan Haiti (Billy's Charity) 
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