Crisis Proof Leadership

Crisis Proof Leadership uncovers what the best leaders do during times of crisis. It would be easy to think that only the strongest, toughest, most cutthroat leaders would thrive in a crisis-filled environment, but that’s not the case. Highly empathetic, focused, values-driven leaders are better able to keep their teams engaged and thriving. Crisis doesn’t define leaders. Instead, the work they do before challenges and obstacles happen make them crisis-proof. In this book, you'll hear stories from successful leaders working in all types of industries, from healthcare to local and federal government to small businesses.

You will love this book if you are currently leading people, want to lead people in the future, or if you want to help and inspire others regardless of your role.  Watch the video below to learn more.




Crisis Proof Leadership Self-Assessment

See how your leadership skills stack up against the Crisis Proof Leadership principles. 


Values Activity

Grab a copy of the values activity from Crisis Proof Leadership.


Feeling Wheel

Print a copy of the feeling wheel from Crisis Proof Leadership.